Come on a journey with Esther and her family and friends. Ordinary Christians learning what it means to follow Jesus.

Stories of hope for today

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Laura D, Canadian book reviewer

It's very rare when I come across a new writer (to me) who makes me wait with bated breath for her next novel ... Moving, inspirational and motivating ...

Kristen Y, author

A read-in-a-single-sitting book. Strongly Christian. Deeply engaging. It will have you smiling and tearing up in equal measure, yet avoids schmaltz or cliched sentimentality. Not afraid to tackle big issues while telling you a captivating story.

Jane C

If you have ever grappled with the big questions of life, 'Why does God allow suffering? Do I deserve to be forgiven? What is the true God really like?' ... gripping story-line and excellent theology ... a 'must' read.